About us

Abby Adeoye is a  of mum of 2 who had seen her fair share of itchy, dry, crusty, patches on her children’s skin. Abby searched high and low for a solution to relive her children’s irritated skin but to no avail. She tried both prescriptions and over-the-counter creams but the problem still persisted. Armed with sufficient research, Abby decided to travel her trusted DIY path. Abby began noticing tremendous changes in her children’s skin within a month. Her kids skin were patch free, soft, smooth and glowing just the way heaven intended it to be. Before she knew it her entire house hold was hooked on her creation. Her friends raved about how much the loved her body butter and orders began pouring in… and ABC LUSH  was born!

Happy shopping!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with a luxurious cream that will serve as protective layer over your skin to keep it moisturized and free of friction.


Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the ABC LUSH brand to include Soaps, balms and other natural beauty products that keeps your skin clean, radiant and beautiful as it is intended to be.